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Posted by Fadi Hania on 6th May 2011

J2ME: Using TextFields and Alerts

User Input and Notification Messages are one of the most important things in Interactive Applications, and mobile applications is one type of these applications. In this article you will learn how to use the text field and alert UI components to create the “User Registration” J2ME application. The text field is an editable text component […]

Posted by Fadi Hania on 10th April 2011

J2ME: Using StringItems and Commands

After creating your application main interface the next thing you should think of is to add components to the interface, and allow the user to execute commands. Continue reading to learn how to add new items and commands to your Displayable, how to create and update StringItem content to display uneditable text and how to […]

Posted by Fadi Hania on 16th March 2011

J2ME: Hello World Mobile Application

Mobile technology is a day-to-day technology that almost everyone has. Some even use this technology more than PC and they are always in need for new features and functionality. These features and functionality are provided using Mobile Applications, so I decided to write a series of articles about building mobile applications. At the beginning, I […]