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Posted by Fadi Hania on 5th March 2011

10+ Code Signing Providers

10 Code Signing Providers

Developers and software providers are in need to provide fully trusted and more secure applications, which means less error messages and security warnings. They also need to protect their identity and give users the ability to verify the provider’s identity and software integrity. So to reach that, they always provide digitally signed executables and scripts to confirm the software author and guarantee that the code has not been altered since it was signed, this is done by use of a cryptographic hash. This process is called Code Signing.

For example, if you ran an unsigned J2ME application on a mobile device it will be considered as untrusted, and user will get security warnings when installing the application and each time application tries to access the contacts list, web, or any other sensitive resources. In this article I listed 10 Code Signing providers, they provide Code Signing services for applications based on Microsoft, Sun, Macromedia, or Apple Mac technologies, which will help developers and software providers to overcome untrusted application issues.
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Posted by Fadi Hania on 26th November 2010

20+ Free and Open-Source Database Systems

20+ Free and Open-Source Database Systems

Database based applications are a common type of applications that are widely used, and these applications requires a database system (database engine) to manage their data. There is a plenty of database engines out in the market that are based on RDBMS/SQL or no SQL database engines (like XML/XQuery or Object-Oriented). Some database engines run as a standalone server that communicates with clients through a network interface, some is a file database engine and others are inprocess engines.
This article lists free and/or open-source database systems of type Relational Database Management Systems (RDBMS/SQL). It lists database systems that run as a standalone server with a network interface, as embedded or as both. Continue reading for the full list and details.
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